In Nacala we have two locations under development:

At present we are carrying out feasibility studies for both locations in the field of:

Once you have made your choice, and decided to buy your new home, you will be requested to sign a preliminary sales agreement. This agreement will become definite at the start of construction. Any additional services related to the house or condominium, if desired, will come under a separate services agreement.

Pricing and payment conditions:

Once the plans are final, prices will be enlisted here.

As a customer you will have 2 options for payment: Staged payment during construction: Client will buy their house "off plan", and will pay in stages during construction. As such you may safe on finance cost.

The payment schedule will be as follows:

The house will remain the property of VRI Imobiliaria Lda until completion of payment.
Customers will be asked a proof of payment capacity in the case of stage payment.

Payment at completion of the house.

Payment may also be effected at completion of the house. The cost of financing during the construction period will be added to the house price. Customers will be asked to hand over bank a guarantee.